About Me

I was raised near Cincinnati, Ohio in a small town along the Little Miami river. Born into a family of educators, I have always had a passion for learning and sharing what I know. In fact, much of my professional and volunteer experience has been centered around working with children as a tutor, discussion leader, and nanny. My interest in massage therapy comes from a desire to help people of all ages and experiences using the skills which are most natural and intuitive for me. I consider myself to be patient, resourceful, dedicated, and guided by curiosity. 

Everyone deserves individual care. As someone who has struggled with a chronic illness for several years, I know how difficult it can be to find health care that feels supportive and empowering. I aim to provide resources and education for my patients regarding what is known about the body, a particular condition, other supportive therapies, etc. And hope that in return they share their intuitions, ideas, and questions with me. 


As a massage therapist, my practice is adaptable and collaborative. The work can be more strong or subtle, more treatment or relaxation, more technical or intuitive. I encourage that, at any time during a session, you speak up for what it is that you may need; what your body may need. Please read more about my therapeutic philosophy here. See below for a more thorough description of my training and techniques.

Education & Credentials

Licensed Massage Therapist MA61113002


Antioch College

Yellow Springs, OH

Bachelor of Science 

Discovery Point School of Massage 

Seattle, WA

Professional Massage Program 


Techniques & Training

Myofascial skin rolling - photo by Lindsay Belden
Myofascial Release

Fascia is a connective tissue around and within every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, vein and several internal organs like the heart, lungs, and brain. Due to trauma, overuse, and surgical procedures, the fascia can become restricted in a particular area which, because the fascia is one continuous structure, could lead to restrictions in adjacent tissues. This technique is used with no lotion or oil, and is meant to warm the fascia to create new and different movement in a restricted area. 

Swedish Massage

Were you to watch someone give a Swedish massage, it would appear almost as if they were dancing. This technique uses long flowing strokes interpolated with kneading, tapping, and other rhythmic movements. I am trained in both full body/relaxation Swedish massage, as well as a more Structure Specific application of the same strokes and techniques. I frequently make use of this approach due to its calming influence on the nervous system.

Swedish Effleurage on back - photo by Lindsay Belden
Massage on c-section scar - photo by Lindsay Belden
Scar Tissue Massage

Whether from surgery or injury, our body responds to any skin wound by creating scar tissue. Scar massage can help in the healing process by promoting collagen remodeling, decrease itching, and provide moisture and flexibility to the scar. You should wait until all sutures have been removed or fallen off and there is no longer any scabbing to receive massage to your new scar (about 2 weeks). Massage will not help to soften a scar more than two years old, however it can lead to whole body release and integration. 

Neuromuscular and MET

Neuromuscular treatment is the manipulation of trigger point and tender points. These points are the epicenter of common patterns of referred pain in the body. Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is based on the principal of reciprocal inhibition, which is a law of body dynamics which says that when you contract a muscle the opposing muscle must relax. The patient will be asked to contract and relax a muscle in combination with massage along or across muscle fibers. These strokes are often concluded with a stretch. 

Trigger point therapy using an elbow as a sharp tool - photo by Lindsay Belden
Clearing the lateral neck for lymphatic massage - photo by Lindsay Belden
Lymphatic Facilitation

Lymphatic Facilitation (LF) is a very gentle technique, yet extraordinarily powerful. It is proven to help with clearing lymph nodes, and allowing fluids in the body to move more efficiently. This technique is specifically designed to help with swelling and inflammation due to trauma, acute injury, seasonal allergies, swelling from pregnancy/postpartum, post-operation, whiplash, carpal tunnel, and much more.